Monday, February 6, 2012

So just some photos of my last week.
Went to the Kouilou area and saw an amazing landscape. Lovely to see something clean and beautiful. The picture of me is bad (I know), but just wanted to show you my favorite place in Pointe-Noire. It is called Village Voulouir, and it is the place where all the good artists are. They make all sorts of things: toys, statues, bowls and very beautiful paintings. And yes, my apartment will be filled with things from Congo!
The three last pictures I just took tonight. I know the quality isn't the best, but I just wanted you to see what I see at night. Even though there are clouds everywhere tonight, the moon gave such a beautiful light I had to take a picture. And our garden and pool looks so exotic in the evening with all the lights there are.
 I have been here for about six months now, and it is only now that I really can enjoy the place. I found a way to see beyond the dirt, sand and poor people. I feel more connected to the place, and are almost sad to leave. Denmark though are going to be so different, I am maybe a little afraid to come back.


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