Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The football clothes.

So after collecting a lot of clothes from London and Copenhagen I finally was able to take some photos.
I donated everything to Samu Social and you can read a lot more on their (French though) website here, and from a previously post on my blog here.

I really want to thank everybody how helped, even though you may think you didn't do a lot, you helped tremendously!
The football clothes are from Kirstin Laursen a woman I admire very much. It was Stenløse Boldklub who had donated almost a hundred outfits to Kirstin and I was so lucky to get 9 sets to bring to Congo. You can read more about her and her families work in Gambia here.
You may wonder why the pictures are from the back, but that is because the children are under 18, and to protect their innocence the rule was made to not take portrait photos.

Samu Social isn't a orphanage, it is more of a home where the kids go to first. This is where they get medical treatment, food if they are starved and clothes if they need.
After the kids have had a full medical and mental check the crew, consisting of a doctor, a psychologist and teachers decides where the kid goes.
There are around 10 orphanages in Pointe-Noire, some work like a school with dormitories, and others work as a loving home for the kids that need special care.

Therefore I couldn't get a picture of the kids with all the clothes on, because there were only 13 kids at Samu Social today and the clothes are saved for the kids who really need it. Though I am sure I saw a couple of t-shirts I have seen before.

Now I am trying to work with Chevron in Denmark, to make them sponsor a container to Congo. And when everything is settled I will need your help to fill it up.
It brought tears to my eyes when I saw the kids faces. Running around very proud in their new clothes. I gave one pair of shoes to a little girl standing in the back all shy and barefooted. When she put the shoes on she just stood and stared at them. And then she looked op ran over to some other girls and yelled "My first pair of shoes!".
So everybody who have helped me - thank you very much!

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