Thursday, December 29, 2011

Im back

So after a perfect vacation in Denmark, and an even better Christmas in London I am back here in Congo. And yes, Im writing in English, so excuse the mistakes there will be.

Just started laughing when I (alone) took the plane from Pointe-Noire to Copenhagen. Sitting in the plane from Frankfurt to Copenhagen was, off course, a lot of Danes. Me, just coming from one of the poorest places I have ever seen, was hearing people complain about things that didn't make any sense to me. One kid was screaming all the way to CPH, just because his mother didn't say he was getting a new bike for christmas. Another girl was talking to her boyfriend (I assume), about one of her friends who was totally out of the line because the friend had kissed a boy the first girl likes when she was younger. And people  thought I was the insane one, because I was apparently laughing of nothing.
Stupid world.

But I arrived in CPH, and was greeted by my boyfriend - nice to see him again! Had dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, very lovely to see her again! And didn't think I missed sushi as much as I did, thanks Stine and Morten !
I did some shopping, met my lovely girlfriends and just loved walking around in Copenhagen alone, without any guards, trash lying everywhere and without watching any poverty.

Just a little funny story. I was sitting in the train on my way to the dentist and a man walks in, looking all normal danish, and starts to ask people "if they could spare some money for a homeless guy". I, completely flabbergasted, off course didn't give him any money, but I was the only one in the cupé. So off course I was an evil bitch who didn't give a crap about others.
Just felt funny that he thought he was poor. The world is a funny place.

Well London was amazing, too many people in the streets and shopping centre's. But absolutely amazing!
Went to see the Lion King, and Im getting chills just by thinking of it!
And Christmas Eve was lovely. We had an 7kg goose, a 3kg duck and a roast of pork - just 9 people - perfect!

Thanks to my uncle Arvid and aunt Tina and two lovely cousins
Vincent and Noa for a lovely Christmas, and thanks for the help
with collecting alle the clothes!

Just a fraction of all the clothes I got!
I had told my uncle that I had collected some clothes for the orphanage down here, and then suddenly an e-mail was sent around to all the parents from my cousins' classes. The next day all ready, the 23. I received clothes. Even on Christmas Eve (25.) people was dropping off clothes and shoes and teddy's for me to take to Congo. I was and am still moved!

And I want to thank, Kirsten who gave me 9 football suits for the orpahange team, Carina, who didn't hesitate when I asked for help, and to all the parents from Vincent and Noa's classes!
You are helping me make a difference!

And them time just flew to fast. Suddenly we had to get up 2am, and take a taxi to the airport. And 15 hours later I was back ind dusty, hot, humid, poor Congo.

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