Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Eve

We had an amazing New Years Eve! Just amazing! We had arranged with some friends down here to have a big party. And fortunately the woman Jose works for a big brewery down here, and they sponsored all the tables, glasses and of course the beers!
The lovely chairs and tabels that were donated. Thank God that we had such a big terrace!

When the first guests arrived

Looking at the pool.

We had arranged for a dinner that started at 8pm, and had invited about 60 people. The menu was, lobster, steak, chicken spear, fish and salatbar.
But what we didn't take in account was the congolese people down here. At 8:30pm only 10 people had arrived, so the dinner was delayed a lot. The last people arrived at 10pm, and then time flew so suddenly we were counting down - New Years Eve!
Even though I knew that we weren't allowed to have fireworks (because the president lives three houses away, and you can't even buy fireworks down here), it wasn't a real celebration because the fireworks was missing! It felt weird!
Me and Hector

My beautiful mother, gorgeous Fulvia and her lovely sons Filippe and Gustavo.

My french teacher and his beautiful fiancé

My father and friends looking good.

Teddy, me, Jean, Jose and Rosalie. Teddy is our chef, Jean is Jose and Jans chef
and Rosalie works at our neighbours house! Without these three we couldn't have
had the party - Thank you.

Everybody stoped dancing and started clapping when my father  swung my mother around!

My mom having a great time!!

Some of us youngsters dancing.

Me and my french teacher. 

And when everything was almost finished - aren't they cute?

But the party went on until 4am! We had hired one of the famous DJ's down here, and he did a great job getting everybody dancing!
Me and some of the other young people went to Ocean Rouge, to keep the party going.

I woke up on the sofa the next morning. Feeling like I had a perfect New Years Eve in Congo!
Thanks everybody who helped to make it fantastic!

Im hoping to get some more pictures soon. 

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