Monday, January 16, 2012

My sanctuary

Just wanted to share one of my new favorite places in Pointe-Noire. It is called Twiga, it is the daughter of the president who owns the place, and when you step in, it just feels like you are at any amazing hotel, relaxing by the pool. It is funny though, because you can really feel that there is no need for Twiga to be a big success. There is no need to earn tons of money - eventhough the place could. It is so clear that the president just gave his daughter Twiga, like you would give a child toy.
There are more waiters than costumers. It takes them at least 45min to make a pizza, and the people are, sorry to say, lazy. Every chance they get they sit down, stop and talk, or just walk around in slowmotion. The pizzas are really nice though.
I am so lucky that seafood is so cheap down here specially compared to Danish prices - mon dieu!


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  2. Hello Maria, just read this blog of yours and found it quite interesting. I'm originally from Cabinda/Angola, which is a region neighboring Pointe-Noire. Unfortunately, I've never visited Pointe-Noire before and considering it in the next months for a couple of days. I've got a business trip there and I'd like to get to hear from you and your experience about the hotels (price/night, meals, cleaning, safety, electricity, water and so on...). I am sorry to say this, I am African yes, but I've been living in the Czech Republich where I'm doing my Masters in electrical engineering and informatics, I haven't been home (in Africa) for a couple of years and since Pointe-Noire is a new city, it'd be strange as well, reason why I'd like to gather as much info as possible from people like you who have lived/visited the city. If you'd like to share more stories about your daily-day life in Pointe-Noire, I'd be really glad if you can reach me on